TI says it warned King his behavior will land him in prison after arrest

TI says it warned King his behavior will land him in prison after arrest

YOU you are allowing your child King to go his own way, even if it lands him in jail. The artist spoke about his son’s recent confrontation with the police on Friday.

As previously reported, police arrested the eighteen-year-old for reasons that remain unclear. However, in a video, his friend revealed that the police punished him for not wearing a seat belt. After the arrest, King took to Instagram with a message to anyone who said they want to be a gangster.

“Everyone who says niggas is trying to be a gangbanger. I’m not asking the police to stop me, you’re fucking blacks,” King said.

In separate posts, King called the situation “minor set bacc fa a major come bacc” and posted a picture giving the middle finger and capitalized “Fuck 12.”

TI says he already talked to King Convo and now it’s up to him

Naturally, people online clicked on IT’s social profiles with calls for her to counsel her young son about his problem behavior. This comes just a few months after footage of King arguing with a Waffle House employee went viral. At the time, TI criticized the trending topic, saying: “I don’t understand what worked in what we live in when this is what we prefer to promote.”

However, on Friday, TI apparently did not want to participate in the public discourse about his son’s behavior. Instead, she made it clear that the conversation had already been kept private, with King, her mother Tiny, and even her grandmother.

“I have a little request, man, stop beating me up and taking my comments telling me what to say to King,” TI said. “I know my son. Do you think I haven’t talked to my son? I guess I didn’t tell my son and his mom and his grandma that his ass is going to jail if he keeps up this shit, that his ass is going to jail. There is no way around it, there is nothing he can do about it. No one can stop him except him.”

The artist continued, saying that he “has done [his] peace” with what follows for King. He claimed to know the energy of his son because he was that energy and he knows how things will turn out.

“King is a good boy chasing the wrong shit,” TI said. “I trust God to deal with it as he sees fit. It really ain’t shit anymore me… he got all the yelling at, he got the punishment… I did everything you can do to him as a kid. So now, he’s going to have to go through it and get over it. And there’s nothing me or his mom or anyone else can say about it, man.”

TI says she will continue to love her son as she learns her lesson

One thing that TI made clear is their unconditional love for King. She claimed that she will love her son through “Whatever is going on.” But at this point, TI will let life be King’s teacher.

“He is going to learn his lessons, life is going to teach him all the lessons he needs to know. And that’s the most we can do, that’s the best we can ask for. I know who he is deep down. This sh*t that he tries to… try to talk himself into things like we all do when we’re young and even young women when we grow up. We try to convince ourselves that we are certain things and on that journey, we discover exactly who we really are.”

At the time of publication, King had not publicly responded to his father’s comments. Check out TI’s full reaction below.

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