San Sebastián will screen 'Sparta' by Ulrich Siedl after the launch of TIFF – Deadline

Ulrich Seidl will no longer attend the premiere of ‘Sparta’ in San Sebastian – Deadline

Ulrich Seidl cancels his trip to San Sebastian for the premiere of his latest film Sparta following a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel that raised concerns about the treatment of younger cast members during production.

In a statement, Seidl said: “I am very grateful to José Luis Rebordinos for being by my side. Sparta from the beginning, despite the media pressure and despite the great commotion that suddenly accompanied it. It means a lot to me. The initial impulse to come to San Sebastian was not to leave alone the film that my team and I have worked on for so many years. However, I realized that my presence at the premiere could overshadow the film’s reception, while now is the time to Sparta speak for itself.”

Sparta it will still screen at the festival in competition on September 18 as scheduled. The film was pulled from TIFF following the allegations.

The film revolves around a German man battling his penchant for pedophilia, seeking a fresh start in a Romanian backwater, where he transforms a dilapidated school into a safe haven for local children. The production features Romanian child actors between the ages of 9 and 16.

According to Der Spiegel’s investigative report, the parents of these actors told the magazine that they had not been informed of the film’s themes and theme during the film’s shooting.

Seidl has denied any wrongdoing occurred during filming and has posted a statement on his website in response to the article.

“Inaccurate representations, rumors or events taken out of context on the set of SPARTA are assembled into a distorted picture that in no way corresponds to the facts,” he wrote.

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He added that “I am accused of having intentions that could not be further from reality. I can’t let that go unchallenged.”

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