(Update) Courtney Clenney Denied Bail

(Update) Courtney Clenney Denied Bail

A judge has denied bail for Courtney Clenney, a woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend, Christian “Toby” Obumseli, Local News 10.

The former OnlyFans model appeared before a judge on Saturday, hearing updates on her case.

While her attorney explained that the charges should not be second-degree murder, but “at best manslaughter,” the Florida judge said a more knowledgeable judge would have to hear the case to determine whether she should receive bail.

Images show Clenney attacking Obumseli

TMZ obtained footage of the Model OnlyFans Courtney Clenney beating her deceased boyfriend, Christian Obumseliin February 2021, months before stabbing him.

The pair get into an elevator, and Clenney appears frustrated and tries to select a specific floor, but is unsuccessful. Obumseli enters the elevator right after the OnlyFans model and tries to calm her down.

Clenney begins to beat him up in a rage and pulls his hair several times. Meanwhile, Obumseli is trying to defuse the situation by backing off the 26-year-old.

Deadly attack on Obumseli

Neighbors called police to the Edgewater neighborhood apartment after witnesses heard of a domestic dispute between the couple on April 3, 2022. According to TMZ, the influencer told officers she stabbed Obumseli with a knife. A lawyer claims it was an act of self-defense.

Her mother said she was on the phone with her daughter during the altercation. Her mother shared that the accused girlfriend said Obumseli was “lying” and to “go away.”

Clenney, pictured in blood, told officials she wasn’t sure if the stabbing was “justified,” TMZ also reports.

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