Writers Guild of America 2023 WGA Awards Timeline Set - Deadline

Writers Guild of America 2023 WGA Awards Timeline Set – Deadline

The WGA Awards are celebrating their 75th anniversary, and the Writers Guild of America has released the schedule for its 2023 trophy show. The gala is set for Sunday, March 5, but no format or venue has been revealed.

The nominees for film, for original screenplay, adapted and documentary, will be announced on Wednesday, January 25, and the nominees for television and other media will be announced on Monday, January 11. Check out the full schedule below.

The WGA today also announced changes to the eligibility and submission criteria for some of the WGA Awards categories. Is it so:

limited series

  • Limited series will no longer be featured in the Original Long Form and Adapted Long Form categories. Limited series must now use the series form to submit for WGA awards consideration.
  • The Guild will apply the same voting rules to the Limited Series category as it applies to the Drama, Comedy and New Series categories: the five Series that receive the most votes in each category will become the nominees for the respective category, and all writers employed to perform writing services for the Series will be eligible to be nominated and/or win.
  • Limited series are not eligible to compete for new series prize consideration.

TV movies and new media

  • With the migration of limited series to the series-voted categories, the original long-form and adapted long-form script submission categories have been combined into one script submission category: TV Movies and New Media.
  • A television or new media movie is a motion picture, more than one hour in length, that is broadcast on network or cable television or shown on a streaming service, regardless of its original or adapted rating.
  • A new media film that has had a theatrical release and a simulcast showing must be submitted in the Original Screenplay or Adapted Screenplay category.
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  • WGA contractual coverage is now required for all new media and animated television script submissions.

Original short form new media and adapted short form new media

The categories have been combined into a single short-form new media category.

  • Short-form New Media series with episodes under 15 minutes in length will now be featured in a combined category, regardless of original or adapted rating.

Here’s the schedule for the 75th Annual Writers Guild Awards:

Tuesday September 6:
Open entries in all categories: Screenplays (Original, Adapted, Documentary), Series (Drama, Comedy, Limited, New), TV-Radio/Audio-New Media Scripts and Paul Selvin Award (WGAW)

Friday November 18:
Submission Deadline: Series (Drama, Comedy, Limited, New); TV-Radio/Audio-New Media Scripts and Paul Selvin Award (WGAW)

Monday December 5:
Preliminary Series Online Voting Begins (Drama, Comedy, Limited, New)

Friday December 9:
Submission period: Scripts (Originals, Adapted, Documentaries)

Monday December 26:
Preliminary Series Online Voting Deadline (Drama, Comedy, Limited, New)

Monday, January 9:
Online voting begins for the Preliminary Script (Original, Adapted, Documentary)

Wednesday January eleven:
Television, New Media, News, Radio/Audio and Promotional Writing Nominations Announced

Monday, January 23
Deadline for online voting for Preliminary Script (Original, Adapted, Documentary)

Wednesday, January 25
Screenplay Nominations Announced (Original, Adapted & Documentary)

february to be confirmed
Beyond Words: Writers Guild Awards Nominees Panel

march to be confirmed
And the nominated are…” Writers Guild Awards nominees panel

Sunday, March 5
75th Annual Writers Guild Awards

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